Documentary Work

30-Minute documentary films
Click thumbnails for streaming links.

Roles: Co-producer, Story editor, Photographic Consultant, Graphic/Title Design, Promotional design.

Worked with  filmmakers Michael Yearling, Lolis Eric Elie and Virginia Cope on documentary project exploring one of New Orleans most visible street-level artistic subcultures — the city's Mardi Gras/Black Masking Indians. The two films came out  of a student documentary initiative at The Ohio State University, Newark and were aired on PBS stations in New Orleans and Columbus markets. Nominated for regional Emmy Award.

Interactive Projects

Touchscreen-based projects for the iPad (app/enhanced PDF). Click thumbnails for graphic/sample galleries.

Roles: Storyboarding, Design, production, editing, photography, interaction design, web design (HTML/WordPress/Squarespace) 

Designed for implementation on the iPad platform and distribution through Apple's App Store. Built on Adobe's Digital Publishing Service platform (since sunsetted).


Red Beans Road Show

Taking New Orleans tradition on the road through an nationwide restaurant pop-up experience. A two-year project partnering with renowned chefs in their home restaurants — simple supper  in white-linen surroundings. 

Live-event production that adapts the weekly  Monday-night supper ritual to 25 different cities in the US (and a ship's galley near the Arctic Circle).

Roles: Every damn thing. Logistics, promotion, logistics, cooking, partnership/sponsorship maintenance, dog-and-pony show development, cooking, hosting, bottle-washing.

Photo Books

Custom-published portfolios in book form highlight and present ongoing bodies  of New Orleans-centric  photographic work.  Click thumbnail image for sample spreads.

Roles: Photograpy, design, retouching, and production. 

Adhesive Street Art

(You know...stickers. ) An ongoing series of tiny homages to the notable New Orleans street culture figures. Custom-printed vinyl stickers are a fascinating iteration of graffiti/public art.

Based on my photographs of Uncle Lionel Battiste and Spyboy MannMann (Little Mike Tenner, 9th Ward Comanche Hunters).